Royal Purple and Pure Gold

When I saw the new color’s in OPI’s "Miss Universe" Collection, I HAD to get my hands on “Its My Year” which is purple mixed with gold micro-glitter.  Not only is the color stunning, but it represents our sorority colors of Royal Purple and Pure Gold so it immediately stood out to me (gag-us, I know, but that stuff sticks with you forever!).  

I couldn’t get the right lighting to do this color justice but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it and had a lot of people asking what it was.  This color definitely gets a 10 out of 10 from me.  You can see more swatches of the color in a variety of lights from "Swatch and Learn" who does a great job of capturing the color in every light and I will be sure to do this for future makeup and polish reviews. 

Thanks to BellaSugar for the use of their announcement on this collection. 

- Kristina

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